my Equipment

At the end of 2019, I bought my first telescope. I chose the Sky-Watcher MC 102/1300 in a set with the AZ-GTi, because I also wanted to use this as a travel telescope. For photography I used my Olympus E-M10 Mark III, followed a while later by an Omegon Guidescope 50/200 mm with the Omegon Guiding Camera 2000C. To get longer exposure times I invested in a Raspberry Pi with KStars. To be able to photograph the Milky Way relatively fast on the road, I bought the “Omegon LX3 Set”.

At the beginning of January 2021 Kevin S. (friend/work colleague) and I looked for a new telescope. Surprisingly we found out that there is an astro store near us. In May 2021 we had a consultation appointment. I decided on the Sky-Watcher N 150/750 PDS with coma corrector F5 (2″) and the Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro mount. Late I fetched with still a good power station. In the meantime, I had my Olympus E-M5 modified to “full spec”.
In summer 2021 my telescope got a small update in form of a mini PC stick with Win10 on which I installed Stellarium, N.I.N.A, SharpCap and PHD2 for guiding. Until then I had worked via GoTo of the mount. So that the cables do not get stuck anywhere, a cable management followed. Since my Olympus unfortunately cannot be controlled with N.I.N.A., I decided to buy an additional Guidingscope with a camera, in order to be able to Solven with N.I.N.A. plate.
In March 2022 I replaced my Olympus M5 by an astro camera “Omegon veTEC571C”. Therefore also the Guidingscope for Plate Solving became superfluous

So at the moment my equipment consists of the following components:
Sky-Watcher N 150/750 PDS with autofocuser, coma corrector F5, Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro
for guiding I use:
Omegon Guidescope 50/200 mm, Omegon Guiding Camera 2000C.
used camera:
Omegon veTEC571C with external window heater from ZWO.
mini PC:
AWOW mini PC stick with Win10 and external USB hub, Stellarium, N.I.N.A, SharpCap, ASTAP, PHD2 for guiding, Sky Atlas Image Repository and Offline Sky Map Cache.
I use a small Chromebook to remotely control the mini PC Stick.
Additional equipment:
L-eXtreme filter and IR/UV filter.
Fox Halo Power Pack 96k mAh for mount, mini PC stick, for the external USB-HUB and the heating sleeve for the guiding scope.
Fox Halo Power Pack 48k mAh for .my Omegon veTEC571C and mirror heater.
Both Power Packs are stowed in a small cooler bag, to which 2x cigarette lighter distributors are also screwed.