About Me

As a child, my interest in astronomy was awakened by various science fiction films. Suffering moved other things into the foreground. In 2019 the interest in astronomy and telescope flared up again. After thinking about it for a while, I bought my first telescope (Sky-Watcher MC 102/1300) to get into the hobby “astronomy”. This telescope should also be used as a travel telescope. The first view through the telescope was impressive. The enthusiasm remained until today. My interest was at the beginning primarily on “observation”. However, after I took the first photos, I was blown away. Since this experience astrophotography is in the foreground. Of course I will keep up the visual observation. Unfortunately I found out relatively fast that the Sky-Watcher MC 102/1300 did not correspond to my present expectations. Thereupon I looked around for a suitable telescope.

At the beginning of 2021, the Sky-Watcher N 150/750 PDS with an EQ6-R Pro found its way to my home. Until today, I do not regret this decision. This was a huge quantum leap. Astrophotography is really fun now, especially when you see the results. I am always thrilled when I look through the telescope with my own eyes and can also see the object “live”.