On my “Astronomy as hobby” website I present you my self-made photos
small hint: if you move the mouse over a picture, you may get additional information.

I would like to show everyone what is possible in astrophotography. My photos are not perfect yet, but for the beginning I find them so far good. Of course, there is still much much much more.

Maybe I can inspire some for this hobby also.

Personally, I am thrilled every time what you can see and especially photograph. I wish you much joy in this hobby, even if the weather does not always play along.

For suggestions or information you can also contact me by EMail.


Horsehead Nebula
from 18. Feb 2023

Granatstar (μ Cephei)
from 18. Feb 2023

California Nebula (NGC 1499)
from 16. Dec 2022

Soul Nebula (IC 1848)
from 10. and 13. Nov 2022

Version: Januar 2023